Submitting IPR Infringement Notices to Lazada 

Intellectual Property Protection Platform (“IPP Platform”) 

The fastest and most efficient way to submit an IPR infringement notice to Lazada is to use the IPP Platform: It allows us to process your takedown notices promptly and effectively and for you to monitor, track and manage your infringement notices via your IPP Platform account. 

If you wish to file a IPR infringement notice via the IPP Platform, please start by creating an account by following the link to the IPP Platform

Once you have created an account, you may file notices of infringements on the IPP Platform. Please refer to the IPP User Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to file notices of IPR infringements via the IPP Platform.  

After you file a notice of infringement through the IPP Platform, you will be able to monitor the result of your notice via your IPP Platform account. You will also be able to obtain access to counter-notices from Users (if any), submit replies to counter-notices and withdraw complaints through your IPP Platform account. 

If we accept your notice of infringement, we will remove the content, or product or service listing, from our Platform and take appropriate measures against Users in accordance with our policies. Measures taken against Users are generally confidential in nature and may not be disclosed to rights holders or third parties.  

If your complaint is invalid or unsuccessful, we will not remove the listing(s) which are the subject of your notice and may not take any action against the User. You will receive a message in the IPP Platform informing you of the rejection, and the reason for the rejection, of your notice.  

Submissions of notices via the IPP Platform will allow you to save information about your IP rights for future use and track the status of notices and counter-notices online. In addition, reporting through the IPP Platform will generally lead to significantly faster response times. In case you are not ready to sign up for IPP Platform account now, you can submit your notices online here: ID Trust Online Form